The mission of UCLA's First Year Experience (FYE) office is to equip all first year students with the skills, tools, and knowledge supporting their academic and social transitions to UCLA.

FYE Fundamentals

FYE helps students navigate campus resources, provides programming, and offers research and information supporting First Year Bruins' success in the areas of:

Building off of academic research, both quantitative and qualitative, FYE's Fundamentals define student success as promoting the holistic development of first year students through:

Academic success are defined as university services provided for first year students and the actions first year students take to succeed academically and develop their career aspirations.

Personal development concentrates on internally focused development of self, values, beliefs, attitudes, and cultural appreciation.

Building community focuses on the interactions first year students have with the UCLA community and the greater Los Angeles area that develop their sense of belonging and enhance their leadership skills.

Health and well-being embodies a positive state of health and well-being for first year students physically, mentally/emotionally, and fiscally.