Thank you for participating in the Common Book nomination process. Nominations for the 2017-2018 Common Book are now closed. We invite you to submit your nomination for UCLA’s 2018-2019 Common Book

 Nominated books will be reviewed on the basis of readability, relatability, opportunities for student engagement and our Common Book goals (see below).

 Any nominations received will be considered for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Book Nomination Information

Brief description of how this book supports the following goals of the Common Book Program
  • (1) Share and understand diverse perspectives in a respectful way.
    (2) Build a community of intellectually-engaged learners.
    (3) Explore their role in creating a just society.
    (4) Consider critical action steps that can be taken in response to their Common Book experience.

Additional Selection Criteria
  • (1) Readability - For an incoming first year student, how well does this book read?
    (2) Relatability - Is the content and themes of the book relatable to the first year experience?
    (3) Engagement Opportunities - What kind of events/programs can occur to connect students to the book and enhance their understanding?

Nominator Information
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