First Year Experience Squad

The FYE Squad is a group of 5 students who are ambassadors on behalf of First Year Experience. Squad members engage with first year students at various campus events, serve as advocates on behalf of first-year students, and contribute to creating an overall positive experience for all first year students. 

Our Graduate Intern, Bao Nhia Moua, oversees the FYE Squad Program and can answer any of your questions regarding Squad engagement.

  • Bao Nhia Moua
  • Elsa Calzada
  • Jerzy Messan
  • Lexi Julien
  • Shaneli Mirpuri
  • Richard Sanchez

I am a first year student. Why should I contact a member of the FYE Squad?

All members of our Squad were once in your shoes and understand what your experience may be like as a first year Bruin. They all are dedicated to helping you find a sense of belonging at UCLA. As your peers, they are available to meet with you 1 on 1 to discuss any issues you may be having within your transitional first year. They are also knowledgeable on campus support services and can refer you to these resources to help enhance your experience. They are a friendly and dedicated group with a passion in helping you succeed at UCLA!

Click on each Squad member's bio to find their email addresses or contact their supervisor, our Graduate Intern, Bao Nhia Moua, directly. 

As a UCLA staff or faculty member, what can the FYE Squad do for me?

All members of the FYE Squad have experience with program planning, public speaking, advocating for first year students, problem solving, and managing administrative tasks. Whether you are planning an event and need input from a first year ambassador or you are looking for students to staff an upcoming program, any member of the FYE Squad is ready and willing to assist you! They are also available to do class presentations related to a first-year experience topic.

Contact their supervisor, Graduate Intern Bao Nhia Moua (, to schedule a consultation meeting.


How can I become a member of the FYE Squad?

We have already selected the 2017-2018 FYE Squad, but may need additional Squad members for the following academic year. Check back on our website during the 2018 Spring quarter for more information on any openings as well as the application process. If you have any questions about any potential position, email us at First Year Experience.