UCLA's Common Book Program


UCLA's 2017-2018 Common Book

The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui has been selected as the UCLA Common Book for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Common Book experience was created for all new undergraduate Bruins. By reading a common book over winter break, and then coming together to discuss the book during Winter and Spring quarter programming, students engage in an intellectual and community-building activity that brings them into the UCLA experience. Distribution of the Common Book will occur at the end of Fall quarter and beginning of Winter quarter; all individuals who are interested in reading the text can pick up his/her copies at designated distribution locations on campus. Please note, there will be a limited supply of Common Books so please check back on our website for exact details on this distribution. 

During Winter and Spring quarters, students are able to participate in discussions of the book and related issues. We also encourage faculty and staff to incorporate themes and ideas from the Common Book in their courses and programs.

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    The Best We Could Do...

Program Goals

Students will have an opportunity to:

  • Share and understand diverse perspectives in a respectful way.
  • Build a community of intellectually-engaged learners.
  • Explore their role in creating a just society.
  • Consider critical action steps that can be taken in response to their Common Book experience.