Pedro and Me was selected as the 2013-2014 UCLA Common Book.

About the Book

“Pedro Zamora changed lives. When the HIV-positive AIDS educator appeared on MTV’s The Real World: San Francisco, he taught millions of viewers about being gay and living with AIDS.” The Real World is a real-life documentary TV program that places seven strangers from all over the country into a house for six months to be filmed. “Pedro’s roommate on the show was Judd Winick, who created Pedro and Me to honor Pedro Zamora, his friend and teacher and an unforgettable human being.

Not too long after the show had been airing, Judd’s roommate and good friend, Pedro, took ill from AIDS complications. Pedro was to begin a lecture tour in September. Judd agreed to step in and speak on his behalf until he was well enough to do so again. In August of 1994, Pedro checked into a hospital and never recovered.

Pedro passed away on November 11, 1994. He was 22.

Judd continued to lecture about Pedro, AIDS education and prevention and what it’s like to live with some one who is living with AIDS for most of 1995. Speaking at over 70 schools across the country, Judd describes it as, ‘…the most fulfilling and difficult time in my life.’ But time and emotional constraints forced him to stop lecturing.

First published in 2000, Pedro and Me was a graphic novel pioneer. Its moving portrait of friendship and its urgent message have already reached thousands of people.”

Pedro & Me was chosen as UCLA’s 2013-2014 Common Book because it provides a platform to discuss relationships, sexual orientation, health education, loss and love, and other topics relevant to the experience of first year students.


2013-2014: Pedro and Me